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Type : People Counter > Video People Counter and Camera for supermarket
Model : IPCT100
Name : Intelligent Integrated Visual People Counting Terminal


Model No: IPCT100

Name: Intelligent Integrated Visual People Counting Terminal


As an integrated People Counting Terminal, the front-end of the terminal is embedded with video acquisition and counting analytical software and passenger/visitor flow statistical analysis can be conducted without any extra devices.


The terminal is embedded with industrial leading counting algorithm, which can conduct accurate statistical analysis of passenger/visitor flow situation according to the analytical ranges, and can counting the flow in two ways. The device is equipped with built-in web Server, which can provide passenger/visitor flow numerical statements in the form of time such as hourly, daily and monthly reports for users via IE access. It can monitor specified areas in real time via IE or network video monitoring platform, and also obtain the accurate visitor flow information of that area to help users with more efficient organization


The terminal provides standardized SDK interface protocol, and can conduct device data acquisition via such interfaces as RJ45 and RS232/485 for back-end analysis; also provides standardized back-end data analytical software



It is applied in real-time statistical analysis of passenger/visitor flow and the number of the people indoors/half indoors such as malls, supermarkets, exclusive shops, train stations, airports, wharfs, passenger transport hubs, museums, convention centers, KTVs



Ø         It involves video acquisition and passenger/visitor flow statistics, simplifies the installation to one-time without any extra devices as the latest and unique product configuration in the industry

Ø         Two-way statistics, which can achieve many-people two-way intersecant statistics

Ø         The accuracy is up to 95% under standardized circumstances

Ø         The time of the terminal can be synchronized with that of the Server, which makes query more convenient and accurate

Ø         It can upgrade and process the products directly via net opening/USB interface, which makes maintenance quicker and more convenient

Ø         It can conduct video monitoring by connecting to network video monitoring platform


Model No.


Device Composition


Operational Platform

Embedded DM6446

Video Compression Format


Network Transmission



RS-485, RS232, RJ45, IO


Front-end SD card/USB hard disk


1.7 mm embedded, 2.5mm backup, resolution 640*480

Device Management Function

Embedded Web Server, USB/network interface data importing and exporting

Adaptable Working Environments

055; humidity≤95%, without condensation

Synchronization Functions

Synchronized with the SERVER

Detected Visitor Flow Speed


Monitoring Reaction Speed


Wok Voltage

12V DC

Working Current




Exterior Size

Ø163 x 46mm