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Type : Mobile DVR Panoramic System(3/4G,WiFi,GPS) > 3/4G Portable DVR
Model : PDVR-200
Name : 3G/4G Portable DVR Kits(Wi-Fi、GPS、SD Card)



Name: 3G/4G Portable DVR Kits (Wi-FiGPSSD Card storage)

Portable DVR kits list as below:
Portable DVR Host(3/4G,GPS,WIFI,SD card slot)                                             1piece
Portable DVR battery                                                                                      1piece
Battery Bay                                                                                                      1piece
Adsorption type chest clip camera(other camera optional)                              1piece
USB cable                                                                                                         1piece
wire control+headset                                                                                       1piece
power adapter                                                                                                  1piece


Model No.  PDVR-200

Portable DVR (3G/4G, WI-FI, GPS) Kits should be one kits device can work alone, including host, Drive-by-wire, Microphone, Ear-hook, Headset, Battery Bay, The portable camera, meanwhile can compatibly with MDVR and people counter device together, running on CMS Server software platform management control center.


HD screen

2.4” TFT, resolution: 480*240, Image is exquisite, color is real, provides prefect display effect


Flexible way of wearing

Wear comfortable casual. For handheld, his hips and shoulders wear to wear a variety of ways, Overall the characteristics of both the practical and concise design.


CMS (Central Monitoring Software with multi-language, manage over 100000 devices) to realize fleet management online, and achieve a full range of car monitoring functions such as real time video & audio monitoring, GPS, car tracking, GEO-Fence, voice intercom, car temperature, car alarms, driving route record, Text to Speech, PTZ control, anti-fuel theft, anti-hijack, car black box for car crash recorder, real time car monitoring via mobile phones of iPhone, Android, IPad system; PC playback software Playback the recording files on PC, and analyze all information that overlay in the file, such as IO signal, GPS info etc.



Ø  IP65 Industrial level material, Ip65

Ø  Power on quickly

Ø  Main device and camera separation design

Ø  Lithium battery power supply

Ø  GPS ,3G/4G and WIFI function

Ø  Working time >=5 hours

Ø  Varieties of network function, including real-time preview, remote playback, remote download, radio, intercom, message

Ø  Support different transport quality

Ø  64G One micro-SD card, support 64G

Ø  IP intercom (optional)

Ø  Support mobile control management platform (optional)



Ø  Traffic police

Ø  Patrol

Ø  Patrol

Ø  Coastal defense

Ø  Armed police

Ø  Insurance

Ø  Railway

Ø  The courts

Ø  Energy

Ø  Enterprise search

Ø  Interview object







Portable Industrial Design

Portable compact host, Select different cameras based on occasions, portable charging by docking station


Setup system parameters through the Panel controller


Chinese, English, other(optional)


User password management

Video and preview

Video input

Video Compression Criteria


Overlays letters… like date & time information and vehicle ID into video streaming

Video Compression Criteria

H.264.With Hisilicon technology

Dual stream



Support CIFHD1D1

Video quality

1-4 levels, 1 is the highest level and 4 is the lowest level

Video Bit Rate

CIF: 400Kbps~1.5Mbps

D1: 1000kbps~2Mbps


Real time, record video preview


Audio Input

MIC input

Audio Output

Headphone output





Micro-SD card: support 1G~64G

File Type

H.264 ASFFAT32

Recording Mode

Default auto recording after power on, support manual recording

Video Search

Search video by time , type

Video playback

Support forward and backward at the speed of: x2, x4, x8, x16, support playback of file by time

LCD parameters







Wireless transmission

Built-in 3G wireless transmission module, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA system optional;

Compatible with GPRS, EDGE;

Support up to 4G;(optional)

Built-in WIFI


Built-in GPS or BeiDou;


Upgrade by SD card or USB

External Interface

Support data export to USB, Interface charge



Power management

Manual startup/shutdown; support manual off-screen, automatic off- screen

Battery capacity

2400mAh, 7.4V

Charging period

< 3 hours

Working period

>= 5 hours



Operating temperature

-20 ~ +50

Operating Humidity

10% to 95%


80(W) x140(H) x33(D) mm

*Picture and Specs are subject to change without prior notice*


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